For the second year in a row, the most exciting new feature is the Client Data Review tool found in the Accountants editions of QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. I

For the second year in a row, the most exciting new feature is the Client Data Review tool found in the Accountants editions of QuickBooks

For the second year in a row, the most exciting new feature is the Client Data Review tool found in the Accountants editions of QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise. I don’t normally push my clients to upgrade unless their version is 3+ years old. But last year, Intuit introduced a new Client Data Review feature for accountants which allows us to troubleshoot and correct client data entry errors with a few clicks of a button. Common data entry errors that used to take me hours to correct can now be done in minutes!

If you’ve ever had to hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor or CPA to cleanup your data file, this upgrade is going to more than pay for itself. And don’t delay – client data review only works on the data entered in 2009 or 2010, so the sooner you upgrade the sooner you can start saving money!

But this isn’t the only reason to upgrade. Intuit’s really been listening to our needs this year, and they’ve added many new features – big and small – that will make your bookkeeping a lot easier!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to you day-to-day life. Several handy little features were released with little fanfare, but are sure to be crowd pleasers. We’re already hooked and find ourselves missing them when we work on pre-2010 files.

You can finally print electronic signatures on checks! Yeah!!! There’s a nifty little Save button at the top of transactions so you can now save partially completed forms. You can now highlight row on your bank reconciliations There’s a cool new vendor filter feature in Pay Bills

New! Add/Edit Multiple List Entries

This is our favorite new feature! Entering large amounts of List data is now as simple as copy & pasting. Quickly enter or edit multiple Items, Customers, and Vendors so you can make changes faster and more efficiently than ever. It’ll be a huge time-saver for us, which translates into savings for our clients. It’s so easy to use you’ll probably no longer even need our help!

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Enter Items, Customers, or Vendors data using an improved table format Copy and paste lists from Microsoft Excel into QuickBooks lists Edit one list entry then easily copy the changes to many

New! Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks

We’ve been using Check Solutions for several months now, and We love being able to process ACH checking account debits! However, it wasn’t integrated with QuickBooks 2009 which meant we had to manually re-enter each payment and deposit in QuickBooks. We yearned for the easy payment download and automatic deposit match-up found with Intuit Merchant Services, so we are thrilled to discover that it’s now integrated in 2010. We would’ve upgraded for this feature alone. If you accept a lot of checks, you should really check it out. Now you can accept checks electronically from the comfort of your desk. Scan (or key enter) checks into QuickBooks and the funds are automatically deposited into your bank account.

Save time depositing checks and skip trips to the bank Scan up to 50 checks per minute Payments are automatically matched to invoices Funds are usually available the next business day

New! Intuit Go Payment

While we’re on the subject of payment solutions, we recently signed up for Intuit’s new Go Payment service for our iphones. You can now get paid on the spot by accepting credit card payments using your mobile phone. How exciting is that!

Process any major credit card No need to purchase additional equipment Get authorization in seconds no need to write down payment information E-mail or text message electronic receipts to clients directly from your phone

New! QuickBooks Document Management

We’ve been very happy with SmartVault, but will probably switch to using Intuit’s built-in Document Management tool now included in 2010. You can now electronically “paperclip” your documents to QuickBooks transactions to stay organized and save time. Organize receipts, contracts, statements and more by attaching electronic or scanned files to any customer, vendor, employee, account, or transaction. NOTE: we’ve been told it doesn’t work with all scanners yet, so make sure to check to make sure your scanner is supported before making the switch.

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Store receipts, statements and more online (in the internet cloud) for easy sharing Easily attach documents to any customer, vendor, employee, account or transaction Scan dozens of documents at one time simply insert blank pages in between and QuickBooks creates individual files Keep important documents at your fingertips and backed-up online Streamline collecting and matching documents from clients to specific transactions

New! Favorites Menu

We’ve been putting our favorites on our Icon Bar for years, and we’re running out of room! Create shortcuts and get there faster. Get one-click access to your everyday tasks using the Favorites Menu:

Add shortcuts directly to specific functions Personalize favorites for each user Access the Favorites Menu from anywhere in the QuickBooks

Improved! Online Banking

Personally, we love the new online banking interface but many people who have been using it for several years had a hard time getting used to it. Once again, Intuit is listening and now you get the best of both worlds – choose between the previous Online Banking experience from QuickBooks 2008 (register view) or the re-designed Online Banking Center (side-by-side view)

Improved! Company Snapshot

The Company Snapshot has been redesigned and it’s a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t compare to the add-on reporting tools out there (our personal favorite is Qvinci). But you can get an instant view into the bottom line with more at-a-glance reports featuring easy-to-read graphs. See data from multiple years side-by-side for a quick comparison.

Customize which snapshots appear using simple drag and drop functionality Select from 5 new reports: Year-over-year expense comparison, Year-over-year Income and Expense Comparison, Income Breakdown, Expense Breakdown, and Top Customers Drill down on the data behind the graphs with just a click

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Improved! Report Center

The Report Center has also been redesigned. Spend less time hunting for the right report. Find it quickly and easily by previewing a full-size sample report before running it. No more looking at tiny thumbnails.

Use the search box to find reports using plain English View recently-run reports QuickBooks even remembers your custom settings Get a shortcut to reports you use most by creating “favorites”

Improved! Forms Customization

Make all your QuickBooks forms look like they came from YOUR company. Promote your business by presenting a consistent, professional look across all your QuickBooks invoices and forms

Easier and faster to add your logo, select fonts and colors, and customize the shading and borders of data grids changes are applied globally Select from new, free professional designs to make your invoices and other forms stand out from the competition Connect to a community of professional designers who can create or enhance a custom logo for your business

Improved! Installation Enhancements

Get up and running quickly and easily. Installing QuickBooks 2010 is easier than ever for both new users and upgrades with our installation improvements. NOTE: we’ve had some problems installing QuickBooks 2010 after upgrading to Windows 7. If you experience problems, you may want to consider doing a full install of Windows 7 instead of upgrading.

Simplify installation choices with a New Installation Manager Choose from Express and Custom installation options Reduces installation steps for upgraders by copying existing configuration

Improved! Clean Up Company Data

Reduce the size of your QuickBooks file. Maximize efficiency with the Clean Up Company Data wizard and condense older transactional data into summary roll-forward numbers

Improved! Online Banking

Get the best of both worlds– choose between the previous Online Banking experience from QuickBooks 2008 (register view) or the re-designed Online Banking Center (side-by-side view)

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